Senile Museveni and drunkard Muhoozi desperately hope Obed Katureebe’s concoctions help the “Muhoozi Project”

Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s paid Facebook lapdog, is turning his gullible readers into vegetables with his constant bullshit. Using the Robert Patrick Gakwerere Facebook page, he delves into complete fallacies on Rwanda in his fruitless pursuit to smear Rwanda and its leaders.

Contrary to what the paid tool is claiming, Emmanuel Gasana isn’t jailed. His fallacies are only possible in the Matooke Republic ruled by senile buffoon Museveni. Nowhere else do they just throw people in jail without trial. Anyone that annoys Museveni can testify to arbitrary arrest and torture. Assassinations are common. Henry Tumukunde, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye who all know what it is to be targetted by senile Museveni. The evil ruler of the Matooke Republic also has had people killed for being too popular or opposing his “father to son” succession plan. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Brig. Noble Mayombo, Maj. Gen. James Kazini, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, DPC Muhammad Kirumira and many more were killed simply because the evil, senile buffoon Museveni feared them!

Obed Katureebe –the chief ass licker of senile Museveni – cannot disguise how senile dictator Museveni has tortured and killed Ugandans since 1971! For example, when the agents of senile Museveni betrayed Eliphaz Laki to Idi Amin’s agents, they executed the innocent man in 1972.

Even before Idi Amin took power, senile Museveni was killing Ugandans as an intelligence operative for Obote. It is no secret that he was complicit in the state’s hounding of civilian politicians.

When senile buffoon Museveni lost elections in 1981, the criminal went to the bush, only to kill very many people in Luwero. He killed Hannington Mugabi, one of his first documented victims around that time, senile buffoon’s moles in the bush jumped up and shot Mugabi in the chest. Evil senile buffoon Museveni then ordered his executioners, a small clique headed by Somali half-brother Saleh, to execute very many civilians in Luweero. The plan was to blame Obote.

Once he took power, one of senile Museveni’s first acts was to execute Andrew Kayiira. The evil dictator’s executioners broke into Kayiira’s house and shot him full of bullets. The senile buffoon was so evil that he had ordered the killers to execute Kayiira in full view of his wife and children!

What evil resides in a man’s mind to do something like that? Katureebe can spend as much time as he wants on Facebook, no amount of propaganda will clean up his senile sponsor. Obed Katureebe, the chief sycophant and ass licker of the buffoon ruler of Matooke Republic, is a Munyarwanda himself: let him ask his thug boss how many innocent Banyarwanda he has had executed in CMI dungeons and torture houses aka “safe houses”!

Truth be told, senile buffoon Museveni is an abomination upon Uganda.

When he, and his no good offspring – the skirt-chasing Muhoozi Kainerugaba aka “genetically modified general” Muhoozi Kainerugaba killed Aronda, everyone knew why. It was to pave way for the skirt-chasing genetically modified general to inherit the Ugandan presidential seat: to turn the country into the kingdom of the house of Museveni! So they sent a nubile “sugar tits” armed with a slow working poison, to Gen. Aronda. She snuggled the poison into his drink. Aronda would die on a flight from South Korea.

This was the cost of opposing senile Museveni’s plan to handover to drunkard Muhoozi. Aronda vehemently opposed “Muhoozi Project” to turn Uganda into a Rwakitura kingdom.

But Ugandans will rise up. They will lose fear or threats of a senile goon that has sucked their country dry for 35 years! His cheap diversions tactics of Obed Katureebe running fake stories on Rwanda will not change anything for Ugandans; it will certainly not give his Muhoozi project any credibility.

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