Senile Museveni ass licker Katureebe becomes candidate for Butabika Mental facility

Obed Katureebe, the chief ass licker of the evil but senile Museveni, is becoming a ripe candidate for Butabika Mental Hospital. Calling himself “Rpf Gakwerere” on Facebook, Katureebe, a self-hating Munyarwanda servant of the evil dictator of the Matooke Republic is making deranged attacks on the Republican Guard of Rwanda.

The yapping buffoon Katureebe should surely receive a few months help in Butabika mental facility. The Rwandan Republican Guard, just like all Rwanda’s security forces, is disciplined, smart, and professional – focused only on its mission to protect Rwandans.

On the other hand, what is the “Special Forces Command” of Uganda?

As only one example ask the family of late Yassin Kawuma (Bobi Wine’s driver) whom SFC executed in Arua thinking it was Bobi Wine!

Ass licker Obed, a sick sycophant of senile Museveni the Matooke Republic dictator of 35 years is writing far-fetched rubbish about the Republican Guard of the RDF, knowing what the criminal goons of SFC are doing to innocent Ugandans!

These are goons that can surround high court premises in Uganda to kidnap people that a court has ordered to be freed! Criminals that act outside the law just!

Katureebe’s attack on the Rwandan Republican Guard is a misplaced transposition of the Special Forces Command of Uganda: a creation of Senile Museveni’s son the genetically “general”, Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Obviously it is to make the GMG feel like a soldier.

Ass licking Katureebe should keep his fallacies in senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic.

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