“Arrests” of five Rwandan Generals nothing but a hoax peddled by CMI propaganda

One of the many Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) paid propaganda tool Watchdog Uganda owned by Mike Ssegawa, through its writer Wilfred Arinda Nsheeka is peddling the lie that five Rwandan generals are under arrest. This is the umpteenth time that similar alarmist lies about the supposed “arrest” of generals have been spread by CMI sponsored propaganda.

Well, the day UPDF foolishly tries to attack Rwanda, that is when they will know the true status of the generals – as free officers defending Rwanda. Then the CMI-peddled rumors will be laid to rest.

But in the meantime, the Arinda Nsheeka and like minded people can comfort their hearts with baseless rumours if its any consolation to the many failures of their masters to destabilize Rwanda.

This is simply a collage of propaganda misinformation aimed at not only triggering fear among Rwandans but also driving a wedge between the army and the Commander-in-Chief.

This is a plan B by the Ugandan regime in attempts at destabilizing Rwanda, which has failed miserably. The Kampala regime should be preparing for a plan C, which will fail just like the others.

For none gullible people, claims of “arrest of Rwandan generals” should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

They hold no water whatsoever.

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