Contrary to “SpyReports” claims, demolition of Milimo building was lawful

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence sponsored tabloid Spyreports knows no limit in running anti-Rwanda misinformation. Writing about the demolition of the late Gaspard Milimo’s building that was situated in the middle of a Nyabugogo wetland, the Kampala-based propagandists present the incident like a purge on Milimo’s family.

But how can a Kampala propaganda organ know so much about a small building in Kigali? Let the reader conclude.

With intention to spread misinformation, Spyreports avoids to mention that owners of the said building and others who violated environmental directives to build in swamps had been on notice for a long time. They had ignored the law.

The city of Kigali has embarked on a campaign to correct environmental transgressions around the city, to mitigate natural disasters. Spyreports obviously is more used to Ugandan rulers violating the environment.

Milimo’s building is only one of many in swampland that have been brought down. Kigali City has been carrying out these activities without fear or favour, within the confines of the law.

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