Inside Rudasingwa aka REDCOM’s conmaship and alliance with the Genocidal groups

A set up between popular thief Theogene Rudasingwa also known as REDCOM CX-1200 in Makerere University and the wife of late Juvenal Habyarimana is the most futile blend that will die a natural death.

It is surprising that whenever Rudasingwa is in France, he shelters at Agathe Habyarimana’s house considering his opportunistic and conniving character. But to Rudasingwa, it would not be a miscalculated move to defraud the widow or use her as a ladder to his final prey.

“REDCOM CX-1200”, is the name Rudasingwa masqueraded behind in the early 80s in his scams to fleece money from fellow Rwandan students at Makerere University. He would call up a few students with cooked up stories of being hunted by Ugandan intelligence and that if he paid a certain ransom, he would be left alone. Quite ruthless!

Born to Gahigankwavu and Bamususire in 1961, Rudasingwa was his parent’s ray of hope. But alas, his greed, arrogance, and ferocious character wouldn’t let him prosper. His greed and shameless character manifested at his earliest in 1982 when he began blackmailing colleagues without sparing his relatives to deposit sums of money in exchange for their security.

During his service as the RPF Secretary-General, “Redcom” fraudulently confiscated a house that belonged to the SULFO Industries’ owner. When the house was claimed not his, he charged the owner forty million Rwandan Francs that he shamelessly called renovation money he had spent on it.

As an experienced schemer, he was later involved in flouting of tendering procedures in the purchased material meant to the refurbishment of the office. And then later embezzled funds that were meant for the construction of hotel Intercontinental.

On January 14, 2011, Rudasingwa was tried in absentia by the military court, found guilty, and was sentenced to twenty-four years imprisonment on charges of disturbing public order, threatening state security, sectarianism, criminal conspiracy, and deserting the military institution.

However, the fraudster still lingers and roams around freely in Europe pausing as a human rights and women’s rights defender. He does this to whoever cares to listen and happens to have the cash flow for propaganda against the current Rwandan leadership.

Due to his immoral conduct and stained record, he resorted to mudslinging Rwanda behind his leading role in the Rwanda National Congress. He is an outspoken enemy of the Rwandan leadership in conjunction with hostile elements – RNC and FDLR.

He also scams his way around people and groups who devoted their life to denying the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Former colleagues at University call him “a prostitute with a pen”. Because he can stoop as low for a handful of cash.

As morally bankrupt as Redcom, it is unfortunate that he has an audience and there are people who are ready to pay him for his anti-Rwanda propaganda. His parents would have been disappointed in him had they still been alive. Rudasingwa’s hunger for handouts surpasses his integrity and basic human morals. Whatever the fraud master is plotting for or with Habyarimana’s widow will definitely leave empty pockets.

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