Drug addict David Murunganwa Himbara projects his COVID-19 fears to Rwanda’s first family

Rwanda National Congress, a terror outfit led by terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa and sponsored by Ugandan regime to subvert Rwanda, hired David Murunganwa aka Himbara to write smears about Rwanda.

Their latest defamatory Facebook post attacks the Rwandan First Lady for attending Gael Faye’s event in Kigali; now Murunganwa alleges that since the later declared having tested positive to COVID-19, his demented mind thinks that the First Lady is infected.

But those who know Murunganwa won’t spend even a second thinking about his incoherent rants, since coming up with fiction to slander the first family is what has kept him alive in his hideout in Canada.

The First Lady is safe just like many others Rwandan citizens; Rwanda laid out impeccable measures and strategies to curb the spread of coronavirus and has yielded positive results; cases are now at 75 and all patients are responding well to treatment.

The nutty Murunganwa should focus more about himself and that of his senile sponsor’s life; Murunganwa’s life condition worsens every other day. According to his doctor, his immune system has weakened due to excessive consumptions of narcotic drugs; as his doctor warned in any case if he gets infected with COVID-19, there will be no chance of surviving.

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