Rwandans don’t need any sympathy from David Murunganwa Himbara and his sponsors

In a veiled malevolent wish, weed addict David Murunganwa, alias Himbara feigns concern for the health of Rwanda’s First Lady, after he heard that Gael Faye, a French-Rwandan artist who was in Kigali last year had contracted Coronavirus.

The RNC terrorist propagandist, in an apparent sarcastic tone said “hopefully Nyiramongi and family did not catch the virus” in clear reference to the Rwanda First Lady and first family.

However, everyone knows that the weed addict’s wish, deep down, would be to hear that the worst happened. He has been sounding like a football commentator ever since the first case of Coronavirus was announced in Rwanda.

Nonetheless, the terrorist propagandist knows quite well that unfortunately for him, these will only remain his wishes.

What Murunganwa knows but does not say is the fact that the period Gael Faye was in Rwanda, Coronavirus was still at epidemic proportions, not the pandemic that it has become today.

Like he himself says, Faye contracted the virus ‘shortly after’ why then does the weed smoker go ahead and express his ‘concerns’ about the First Lady when he knows Faye only caught the virus after his visit to Kigali. If wishes were horses, viruses would infect retrogressively so that all those on the weed smoker’s wish-list would be infected.

The truth is, no Rwandan is soliciting the weed smoker’s pity or prayer. If anyone needs prayers, it is Murunganwa who needs to recover from his weed addiction and his penchant for fake news peddling.

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