Rwanda’s impeccable management of COVID-19 response unsettles Museveni and his cronies

Last year on March, 24, the Ugandan State owned paper burnt its fingers and revealed the link between David Himbara —the RNC propagandist— and the Ugandan regime. Himbara, who changed his name from Murunganwa to hide his embarrassing academic performance, is based in Canada and is paid to tarnish Rwanda on social media constantly targeting its leadership.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Ugandan regime has doubled its hostile propaganda in a clear diversion for its lack of preparedness as they play catch-up in the fight against the pandemic. Museveni’s money makes Muruganwa, aka Himbara, ignore COVID-19 in Uganda and in his country of residence and lead him to focus on Rwanda. He attacked every initiative and measure taken against the pandemic, but as he is tasked and paid to do.

Sponsored to specifically target the President of Rwanda, it is almost impossible to find any article he writes that doesn’t contain the word “Kagame”. The propagandist will force himself to even find “Kagame” in vaccine and treatment trials against COVID-19 to earn some Museveni shillings. The diversion to cheap theatrics is particularly important for Museveni at this time when his regime is overwhelmed in the fight against COVID-19 due to lack of effective and accountable leadership.

It is only in Uganda, gangrened by endemic corruption after 34 years long of kleptocracy that stories like bribery in quarantine occurred. Suspected cases were allowed out of quarantine simply by bribing their way out of quarantine. Others skipped quarantine because they considered themselves too influential to be quarantined. As chaotic scenes of running battles between ordinary citizens and security personnel in Uganda emerge on a daily basis; Museveni continues to sponsor foreign propagandist like Himbara hoping for a diversion.

It is clear that the coordination and orderly manner that characterize Rwanda’s response to the pandemic is a sharp contrast to the catastrophic and chaotic Ugandan regime response. Hiring a disgruntled weed smoker like Murunganwa Himbara (who is already confined in hideout in Canada) to play petty propaganda games will not change anything; instead, Museveni should seek Rwanda’s expertise in establishing a functional state capable of responding to a global challenge like Coronavirus.

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