Mentally retarded Sulah Nuwamanya presents RNC’s wish list of the Luanda MoU

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi the retard strikes again. Clearly, he has made effort to improve on his coherence as he attempts to ‘intellectually’ respond to one Asuman Bisika’s article, in which the latter expresses pessimism on the implementation of the Luanda MoU. In what appears to be a heavily edited and re-written (by his friend and fellow RNC bed mate, Gideon Rukundo Rugali), the response fails to fully respond to coherence resuscitation efforts.

However, in parts of the Facebook post that can be comprehended, it is apparent that the retard completely comes up with the RNC version of the Luanda MoU, because in bid to offer an alternative endorsement to Bisiika’s argument, he lists a completely outlandish list of the Luanda MoU demands which he attributes to Uganda, but in actual sense, the retard was only presenting RNC’s wish list, forgetting that RNC is not party to the Luanda MoU. The retard’s main bone of contention, according to him, is the fact that Bisiika correctly stated that Uganda’s sole demand in the MoU was the perceived ‘closure’ of Gatuna border.

In his high school style debate which typically pitted ‘opposers’ and ‘proposers’, the RNC retarded propagandist, In order to sound like an ‘intellectual’, he presents an infantile mash-up of arguments as he seeks to foolishly sneak RNC’s own demands into the Luanda MoU.

The RNC retard should not pretend as if his master Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is comfortable with the Luanda MoU. It is no secret that Kayumba and his RNC adherents are desperately busy moving frantically up and down, sparing no effort to lobby in the Ugandan corridors of power, to convince them not to see the Luanda MoU through.

They are encouraged by the existence of pockets of resistance to the Luanda MoU, manifested by the continued incarceration and killing of detained innocent Rwandans. However, the RNC’s efforts are futile because the winds of positive change are blowing hard. Terrorism and its proponents have nowhere to hide anymore. They are faced with only one alternative, which is to surrender and face justice.

In his post, Nuwamanya the retard claims Rwanda ‘is projecting itself as the victim’, but if he had a fully functional brain, he would know that Rwanda has never fancied the position of victim in any situation – not in the past, not in the present and not in the future.

In the standoff with Uganda, Rwanda has articulately and eloquently stated her case, and presented irrefutable evidence. The fact that only one complaint, namely, ‘border closure’ has been heard from the other side and now the bogus RNC list of demands as presented by the terrorist outfit’s retarded executive is a strong indication that Rwanda presents a strong case.

To conclude though, I seek translation of some demands listed by the RNC retard, so that I can comprehend the RNC point of view; If anyone understands retard language and knows what the RNC retard wanted to convey, kindly help.

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