Lunatic Terrorist Nyamwasa mourns death of RNC sympathiser as his terror outfit disintegrates

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is a scared man. He is scared because somehow, God has not been merciful to him as everything he touches rots. Everyone associated with him has been facing calamity after calamity. Nature is zeroing in on him, and he can see disaster coming- in 4D.

In his desperate situation, the terrorist can only hurdle in his Johannesburg hideout and count his losses. The only weapon left at his disposal is his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook Page, where he has been venting all his frustrations in the morning, day and night as if it is some kind of prescription from his psychiatrist.

Lately, Terrorist Nyamwasa has been mourning his dead sympathisers, whose demise he typically attributes to the Rwanda leadership. To him, deaths, disasters and calamities, natural and manmade, don’t happen unless Rwanda is involved.

First, it was his bankrollers and sympathisers inside and outside Rwanda, who have been dying off like they were hit by the plague. Then, came the disintegration of his terrorist RNC and allied P5 adherents, where many were either arrested and transferred to Rwanda, killed or quit RNC, citing poor leadership, embezzlement, nepotism and assassinations, all attributed squarely to their Chief Terrorist Nyamwasa.

But God was not yet done with him. Militias from the P5 coalition, which includes Kayumba’s RNC, FDLR, Rudi-Urunana, FNL and other terror merchants were dealt a very heavy blow by the DR Congo army, FARDC, as they were busy creating bases from which to launch their attacks aimed at destabilising Rwanda. FARDC’s onslaught on Kayumba’s coalition militias sent them packing, killing many and arresting thousands who were repatriated to Rwanda to face justice. As we speak, there are no organised bases remaining in Congo DRC, as many are either surrendering or being picked and repatriated in an ongoing mop-up exercise by FARDC in the vast Eastern region of DR Congo.

But Terrorist Kayumba’s tribulations are not about to end. It looks like his ancestors have also abandoned him, because he has violated all ancestral anathemas. Just as he was getting to accept his fate, the Luanda MoU happened, which among other things seeks to end support and facilitation offered to RNC and allied terrorist outfits by Uganda. Effectively, this implies that Kayumba and allied militias will be stripped naked and have nowhere else to run for support.

The fugitive has been attributing every high profile death in Rwanda and the region to foul play Rwanda for quite some time, and people have learnt to take him for the obsessed lunatic that he is. As an addicted assassin, thoughts about assassinations form the biggest part of his brain to the extent that he even day dreams about assassinations. I am sure he has not attributed the death of the former Kenyan President to Rwanda only because perhaps he has not heard of the death yet. See, things are getting tight and free Wi-Fi connections is hard to come by in Johannesburg these days.

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