CMI sponsored loudmouth Seruga angered by another Uganda Court Martial Ruling

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence paid online mercenary Titus Seruga continues his mission of smearing Rwanda and sabotaging the ongoing peace process between two countries.

As two presidents commit to normalise relations between two sister countries, CMI sponsored mouthpieces like Seruga have been creating false narrative meant to disrupt the peace initiative.

Seruga was angered by Ugandan General Court Martial’s verdict to release four more senior police officers accused, together with former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura, of kidnaping and illegally repatriating Rwandan refugees to Rwanda.

These whole allegations were concocted by Rwanda National Congress fugitives; a terror outfit operating in Uganda. They shaped a wrong narrative meant to implicate Rwanda in criminal activities on the Ugandan soil.

What continues to hurt the anti-Rwanda mouthpieces is that the court lacked evidence to these police officers’ cases and ruled to release them on bail.

Seruga who claims to be very nationalistic, shouldn’t have left Uganda to seek asylum in Belgium; he should have stayed home and fight a war he has been inciting rather than yapping on Facebook

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