To Ugandan MP Semujju, the cause of Rwanda-Uganda standoff is crystal clear; the moral equivalence narrative died on arrival

A report appearing in Grapevine News, by Josephine Kauma, quotes the FDC Spokesperson stating during a Press Conference that Presidents Museveni and Kagame are fighting personal battles. According to Semujju Nganda, the two Heads of State are at the height of a competition for regional political supremacy which is totally wrong.

This is a common careless mistake borne out of ignorance when individuals fail to take time to understand the issue. One only needs to take a closer and objective look because the cause of the standoff is crystal clear.

When Semujju makes a statement like “if its the Uganda President who is wrong as stated by President Kagame….” coming from the opposition spokesperson, this sounds lazy.

This moral equivalence mindset concerning the Rwanda – Uganda standoff has been harboured by a section of people, some out of lack of information and of course the usual suspects, the anti- Rwanda propagandists and opportunists who sprouted like mushrooms since the problem started manifesting.

Had the honorable Semujju taken his time to understand the issue fully, the facts would tell him that Rwanda has genuine concerns regarding support and facilitation by the Ugandan leadership, accorded elements bent on destabilising Rwanda and causing insecurity in the region.

The accusations and concerns are one-way because Rwanda has not abducted and illegally incarcerated any Ugandan national oh her soil. Neither is Rwanda counter supporting anti-Uganda elements who throw grenades that kill innocent people on the Kampala streets.

Generalising the problem and creating moral equivalence is not the best way to solve this issue. Calling a spade a spade is a better approach.

It is unfortunate that Semujju falls head first into the propagandists’ trap concerning closed borders and shooting of Ugandans.

If he had not been dismissive of President Kagame’s statement, he would have been adequately informed about the issues at hand and would therefore discharge his duties of holding the government to account better.

The fact that the solution to the impasse was outsourced, should not be an issue, because Rwanda sees this within the context of Africans finding solutions to African problems.

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