Weed Smoking Himbara Tries Racism As Therapy For RNC Failures

The spite and envy brewing in the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist David Himbara, while enjoying and abusing Canada’s welcome, issues a xenophobic attack against expatriates in Rwanda. His fury is due to the inevitable death of his RNC terrorist organization, once again branded a negative destabilizing element in Angola by the region.

Weed Smoking Himbara lives in Canada, a country that welcomed him and offered him citizenship. In his terrorist enterprise, he regularly uses his citizenship as a weapon to the dismay of Canadians and Canadian authorities. He uses their passport to travel around the world defending genocide convicts and continuously files false death threats complains just to advance his smear campaign on Rwanda and its leadership. Himbara is also known to trick innocent young minds with a false narrative for asylum seeking; he feeds them lies to say about Rwanda with the promise that their claim will be automatically approved.

Now, the online Nazi openly incites racial hatred in his homeland which he is determined to destabilize. His recent post is a known xenophobic narrative, “foreigners are taking our jobs”, simply because RNC is out of steam.

His terrorist organization’s militias have faced crushing defeats in Eastern DR Congo and politically, they have just suffered a massive blow with the region branding them for what they are. Internally, RNC has been fighting, this has led to resignations and even deaths but somehow Himbara finds the time to write that “foreigners are taking jobs”.

It’s a classic xenophobic attacks and a cheap diversion. If he was so worried about locals losing jobs to foreigners, he should then pack his bags and leave Canada to Canadians. His social security cheques are, after-all, making locals lives harder in Canada.

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