Gideon Rukundo Rugali’s Genocide and Extremist Ideology Explained

Gideon Rukundo Rugali, the desperate polygamous CMiy-RNC sponsored troll, whose real motive is to advance the Hutu extremism agenda which he was born into, offers an insight of his criminal mind quoting Hitler and defending the Genocidal militia Interahamwe publicly.

The troll who once fled to Rwanda hiding from the butchers he now serves is a chameleon of epic proportions. He first made headlines when he fled from the Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) which had cornered him for his PRA militia membership. It became clear from the list of people that jumped to his defense that he was no ordinary militia. The formerly Internal Affairs Ruhakana Rugunda is on record for assisting Rugali. The notoriously indisciplined doctor has since then become a Ministry of Internal Security asset controlled by Elly Tumwine and the Deputy IGP of the Ugandan Police Muzeyi Sabiiti.

Gideon Rukundo Rugali is assisted in his extremist ideology by several quarters. Apart from his well known links to hostile elements like Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi and Prossy Bonabaana, he is very close ideologically to PAREMEHUTU activists and Minister of State for Regional Affaires Philemon Mateke. Some of his ridiculous articles are in reality forwarded propaganda messages that only require him to blindly post on his way to collecting CMI paycheques.

His violent outburst and gross indiscipline got him fired from Mulago Hospital. The ministry of health’s permanent secretary, Diane Twine, could no longer tolerate his behavior and fired him for insubordination. To survive with his polygamous family, he enrolled the assistance of two of his older children in law school in an effort to increase volume and get more money from his handlers.

With the recent defeat of RNC and FDLR militias in Eastern DR Congo, Rugali’s anger reached new heights. While working with genocidal forces, he calls war heroes that stopped a genocide Nazis. Shockingly, he even claims that the only reason Genocidal Interahamwe’s crimes shocked the world was because they lacked technology. Only a defender of pure evil would try denialism on the grounds that the genocidaires had low technology (machetes) and therefore no other choice.

Readers should be reminded that disgraced Rugali’s account is managed by an entire anti-Rwanda propaganda team funded by Kampala regime. Rugali should remember that his extremist ideology is cursed with defeat. Rugali and his criminal allies will never succeed.

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