In what appears to be like a letter, retard Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi writes to the self-appointed universal grandfather, where retard he rumbles on about imaginary human rights violations in Uganda.

One wonders who made Sulah a refugee or the UNHCR, he made himself a refugee when he abonded his wife and four children to join his concubine and fellow RNC terrorist Prossy Bobabaana in Uganda

In what his 1 GB brain tells him is supposed to be a lightly conveyed official appeal to the ruler of Uganda, the retard posts a long, incomprehensible post, preaching about what he calls the need to respect human rights in Uganda, by Rwanda.

Talking about violations, one needs a lot of patience to read the entire post laden with gross grammatical violations to conclusion, but somehow curiosity and pity makes you persevere on.

It is as you read through that you wonder why the terror outfit loudmouth mixes up issues, asking the President of Uganda to ensure Rwanda upholds human rights in Uganda.

You are forgiven to wonder whether Rwanda won the tender to enforce law and order in Uganda because Sulah seems to suggest that the security of Ugandans and everyone living in Uganda is somehow the responsibility of Rwanda. But this is not news, anti-Rwanda sponsored trolls always attempt to drag Rwanda in Ugandan endless mess.

If the conflicted Nuwamanya would receive a RAM upgrade, he would instead be writing to his Jajja to ensure the country’s systems and institutions are functional, instead of blaming internal human rights and security breaches on a foreign country. You also wonder whether retard Sulah, a beneficiary of free university education in Rwanda, is writing as a Ugandan or Rwandan.

Since he is fond of invoking international charters in order to wrongly accuse Rwanda of violations in Uganda, he must also know that those charters compel individual nations to safeguarding its citizens by providing security and all other basic rights.

By implication therefore, it is right to conclude that Sulah’s ‘Jajja’ has failed to provide the basic needs of his citizens and those of foreigners living in Uganda, including basic security and peace?

If Sulah Nuwamanya cares much about human rights, he should write another letter addressed to his Jajja to end persecution of innocent Rwandan nationals in Uganda and halt supporting Sulah’s RNC and other terror groups plotting to destabilise Kigali.

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