Serubwa Comparing His Volongoto Paymaster’s System to Functional States Like Rwanda

In a country led by liars and demagogues, truth hurts even those purported to be in exile! Seruga who faked asylum on sexual orientation claims, going as far as faking a same sex marriage, is not taking anything to chance that might compromise his CMI paycheques. He claims Rwanda is lying about the hundreds of innocents Rwandans illegally detained in CMI safe houses.

In Uganda security forces kill its people and Rwanda shoot Ugandan criminals. Not so long ago, a mad Ugandan Police Officer shot dead a young man claiming to be shooting a mad dog! One also remembers the killing of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Boby Wine’s driver. They shot him point blank and simply dusted it off as something they will investigate. As for Boby Wine, he was beaten so badly that he had to seek medical attention abroad.

If Serubwa thought Rwanda is lying, he should and interview the hundreds of survivors of CMI dungeons. If he were a human right defender as he claimed to be, Serubwa would have to speak out against his paymaster. Some survivors carry scars of beatings, electric shocks and chemical burns. He would have to talk to those waterboarded, and listen to those whose private parts were cruelly crushed. If he wanted, he could talk to mothers whose babies were snatched from them. But the coward will most likely stay glued to his CMI sponsored narrative of denying facts.

Uganda is still engulfed by insecurity including in the parliament. His claim that Ugandan problems were sponsored by Rwanda are ridiculous. Members of parliament are beaten, that’s when they are not fighting in parliament, but worst of all Uganda is still marred with assassination. Who has forgotten how Joshua Ruhegyera Nteireho Rushegera and Merina Tumukunde were assassinated on Entebbe Express by a Ugandan Police Officer? Or women killed in an apparent deliberate targeted fashion in Kampala sparking a protest?

Uganda is grappling with insecurit so much that in the eastern region, parliament last week was debating how to send additional UPDF Brigade in Karamoja.

The situation is so bad that even Cabinet Ministers call for help with regards to their own safety. Barely six month ago, State Minister of finance for investment and privatization Evelyn Anite held a press conference denouncing that the “mafia” in Uganda wanted to kill her. Serubwa cannot blame anyone but his CMI paymaster, diversions to Rwanda are as fake as his consumed bogus same sex marriage.

Ugandans know that everything Rwanda is accusing CMI of doing to its citizens is true. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. CMI’s utter brutality towards Ugandans is fact, their mistreatments of Rwandans is also fact. When Rwandan security is obligated to use deadly force to arrest criminals, it is an exemption. In most cases they send criminals to court, the Ugandan authorities know this as they are allowed to visit Uganda criminals in detention. But when Ugandan security officials follow due process, its an exemption, they call it volongoto!

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