Terrorist Nyamwasa’s anti-Rwanda propaganda hits a snag as Ugandan court releases senior police officers

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is having a terrible year as his propaganda slowly crumbles. He meddled so much in Ugandan affairs inciting Ugandans to hate Rwandans that he now has difficulty to digest a court decision in Uganda. Terrorist Kayumba is unhappy that four police officers have been granted bail. They were facing charges of kidnapping Rwandans following the relentless propaganda led by Terrorist Kayumba and fellow anti-Rwanda activists.

Terrorist Kayumba’s reaction to bail by the Ugandan Military Court Martial, using his fake Facebook account RPF Gakwerere, show his contempt for Uganda. He not only interferes but he publicly calls the court manipulated by the executive which he calls “soft” on Rwanda. The grenade thrower is clear; he wants a tough stance on Rwanda and doesn’t care about basic human rights such as the right to bail. If he had his way, anyone he accuses or dislikes would be hanged or made to disappear.

The four Uganda policemen are lucky; Fugitive Kayumba is a cold-blooded murderer who executes even his followers without a trial. For example, Ben Rutabana – a commissioner in Kayumba’s terror outfit Rwanda National Congress (RNC) – disappeared after opposing him in RNC. He would have executed the four policemen without a trial just to reinforce his propaganda.

Inciting hate, interfering and demeaning Uganda and its institutions, will not end well for the terrorist. His megalomaniac head should learn to respect sovereignty; after failing to destabilize Rwanda with his crippled militias in Congo, he is now giving himself the right to attack Ugandan Institutions.

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