Bruised Terrorist Nyamwasa Diverting attention After his endless streak of defeats

The implosion of the Rwanda National Congress is evident to all observers and the cause is Kayumba Nyamwasa bigotry and divisionism. The terrorist faced with criticism from his own ragtag militias, Kayumba diverts with online smear attacks of Rwandan Leaders and public figures. Determined to exert some petty revenge against those who refused to follow him in his treachery and fought him bravely, he particularly targets senior security officials.

He always writes fantasy about Army and Police commanders. He will claim some are under arrest, and say that others have fled or even that they are about to overthrow the government. Incoherently, he blames Rwandan security officials for all crimes in the world. Interestingly, in his most recent list, he includes the name of a Burundian President killed by other Burundians 27 years ago! At this rate, Kayumba will blame Rwanda for the assassination of JFK.

Gen. Kabarebe called Kayumba a traitor, he hit the right spot in describing the fugitive. Kabarebe described how Kayumba was a coward, always taking credit for other people’s work, and how in reality Kayumba is just a thief (cattle rustler and land grabber).

Terrorist Nyamwasa is a person so consumed with his interests that he will ally with Genocidal maniacs to reach his goal. The corrupt nature of Kayumba Nyamwasa is now crumbling his terrorist outfit and he diverts into silly fallacious tales against proud, stable patriots.

Jean-Paul Turayishimye, Former bodyguard to Kayumba’s kids

His once trusted goon, Jean-Paul Turayishimye who used to protect his children has been forced out, Leah Karegeya whose husband Kayumba killed to generate publicity has also been forced out of RNC. Eventually, Kayumba will only evict everyone who doesn’t glorify him to nurse his wounded ego bruised by a never-ending streak of defeats.

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