Anti-Rwanda Mouthpiece Chimpreports Fakes “Missing People” Alerts to smear Rwanda

Chimpreport owned by Giles Muhame, notoriously anti-Rwandan, is once again playing a fake tune to tarnish Rwanda’s image. Borrowing from Kenneth Roth’s inhumane right watch (HRW) group narrative that randomly declares people missing, Chimpreport creates a fake missing Rwandan opposition politician Augustin Niyitegeka. The fabrication is almost a copy-paste of previous fake missing stories published by the hostile outlet.

It is important to remember that for cheap publicity, one Diane Rwigara and her entire family once hid in their kitchen as Chimpreport, HRW and others sang about their disappearance. The publicity stunt worked for some time but eventually, they were found and marched out of their hideout shamefully. The Rwigaras are not the only case to try the disappearing stunt, a renegade pseudo-journalist named Constantin Tuyishimire pulled the same trick yet he too was later found. He had fled to Burundi and when he was severely beaten by CNDD-FDD Imbonerakure militia, his picture went viral, and the anti-Rwanda mouthpiece still refusedto run a story about him being in Burundi.

At the time, even those arrested for criminal activities are reported by hostile forces as “missing”. It is the case for Rachid Bugirimfura, who was caught red-handed stealing a TV or one Jackie Umuhoza under arrest for treason and espionage. Both received ill hearted loud alerts from Chimpreport and HRW. Importantly, they never even bother to correct the false alarm instead, they move to the next false alarm. For Augustin Niyitegeka, the Rwandan Investigation Bureau has opened an investigation into the alleged disappearance.

With the recent trend of fake disappearance stories from Chimpreport and HRW, no one should take their version of events. Only once investigations are complete will we know the real story behind Augustin Niyitegeka’s case. Chimpreport, HRW, and their fellow anti-Rwanda propagandist have no credibility on the issue of missing people reports, they sang wolf too many times!

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