Museveni’s RNC Militia Commander Kayumba Nyamwasa Projects His Fears in Uganda’s Succession Politics

Museveni’s RNC militia commander, Kayumba Nyamwasa, hiding under the Facebook pseudo account RPF Gakwerere, is running fake stories to hide a brewing succession battle in Uganda. His sponsor Corrupt Museveni is losing a battle against cancer at an alarming rate (losing about 30 Kg in one month), a saga on who is to replace the 75 years old ruler has begun.

The mentally deranged Terrorist Nyamwasa in his usual attention diversion tricks, he alleges that Rwandan First daughter Ange Kagame has not been attended political events of recent whilst she attended all recent national events including Umushyikirano, RPF Congress, she was even seen at the just concluded Basketball Africa League qualifies at Kigali Arena.

The RNC militia commander Nyamwasa is lost for words, unable to choose sides in the battle between Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Museveni’s firstborn, and Odrek Rwabwogo who is married to Patience Museveni. Rwabwogo is supported in his presidential ambition by Uganda’s First Lady Janet Museveni who sees Muhoozi’s rule as a nightmare scenario.

Corrupt Yoweri and Janet Museveni were married in August 1973, barely 7 months later in April 1974, Muhoozi Kainerugaba was born. Christian churches were strict at the time, Muhoozi’s lack of a Christian name hits to his clouded birth. Some say it is Yoweri’s child from another woman while others claim Janet was pregnant and had to rush in a marriage to protect her reputation. Either way, it makes him the only one without a Christian name in his family. It shaped his character, he is said to be capable of extreme violence. A reporter turned Pastor, Kabuleta, once wrote that Muhoozi is dull and lifeless, “daddy’s general”, other accounts label him as a drunk who enjoys extra-marital affairs religiously.

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His wife, Charlotte Kutesa, daughter of the foreign affairs minister fled him, filed for divorce and now lives in Canada, occasionally returning for a photo opportunity to avoid scandal. Despite all his shortcomings, Corrupt Museveni wants him to be the next leader of Uganda, Janet on the other hand, is petrified as she is said to have tormented him his entire life. It is even rumored that Janet went to the extent of killing Muhoozi’s girlfriends in a bid to save his marriage.

Sources revealed that Janet Museveni prefers her son in law, Odrek Rwabwogo, a pastor in the Covenant Nation Church that is always advertised by terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa,a Rwandan fugitive currently working with Museveni to destabilise Rwanda. Unfortunately, there is a prophecy in the Covenant Nation Church that Muhoozi will kill Rwabwogo, a prophecy that Museveni and his wife know about it from various witch doctors that warned them about a bloody feud in the Museveni clan.

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