BREAKING NEWS: CMI Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe leaked MoU Ad Hoc committee information to Wakabirigi of RNC Uganda

Right after the Luanda MoU Ad Hoc implementation committee meeting in Kampala, Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence immediately leaked information to the RNC Uganda “Province” committee and its chief propagandist Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi.

In his post, Wakabirigi refers to CMI bosses — Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe— as his flies in the meeting held behind closed doors who told him that he was the subject of discussion. Right after the Ad Hoc commission, CMI leaked to RNC terrorists the irrefutable evidence that the Rwandan delegation presented during the meeting including links between their fake humanitarian NGoO (SWI) and RNC, their social media propaganda against Rwanda and their certain links to armed terrorists.

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The leak to Wakabirigi and his reaction is one more proof that the Ugandan regime is connected with subversive groups with aim to destabilise Rwanda. The propagandist reaction was a swift denial of what was said behind closed doors. In the press conference following the Ad Hoc commission, the Ugandan Minister of foreign affairs acknowledged that the Rwandan delegation presented confidential information on groups operating in Uganda against Rwanda and promised that his side would investigate. Ironically, it would seem the Ugandan regime’s Military Intelligence did the opposite, they immediately went to tell Wakabirigi and the RNC Uganda “Province” what was discussed about them during the closed door meeting.

Wakabirigi is a known delinquent that left his wife with four kids penniless as he ventured into a terrorist movement that promised to make him rich and famous. His children now rely on the Rwandan social security for medical care and school fees. He is inherently unreliable and has no sense of loyalty or discretion. CMI Kandiho and CK Asiimwe are either shocked by his instant post as they find out the hard way how unreliable Wakabirigi is or, they leaked him the information knowing very well that he would react with a post to provoke Rwanda.

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Either-way, the mediation team and the general public will note how there are no secrets between the Ugandan regime and anti-Rwandan forces based in Uganda.

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