Museveni pays Serubwa to blame killings of Muslim clerics to Rwanda

Museveni’s senior mouthpiece, Titus Seruga, is lying that the killings of Muslims clerics were linked to Rwanda. This is of no surprise since it’s one of Museveni’s strategic ways to clean up his assassination. After the Muslims killings, “Exhibit 1510” first blamed the Congo based rebel group, Allied Democratic Forces to be responsible for the murders.

The Tanzanian government arrested and handed the ADF’s leader Jamil Mukulu to Uganda in April 2015, something that Museveni did not announce to the nation yet he blamed the group for the assassinations. When Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga was shot to death, Museveni blamed the Muslim community due to the wrangles within that community. There were random arrests of innocent people after the pressure from political leaders. This was a way to show the public that the police was doing its jobs.

Seruga who commonly known as Serubwa, also alleged that the former Ugandan IGP Kale Kayihura was responsible for the murder of Muslims and claimed that since then there has been no murder of such kind. But since the removal of Gen Kale Kayihura, several Ugandans have been shot by unknown gunmen. Idah Nantaba, Ugandan Minister of ICT said: “Truth is that the killers are within security and government.” She said this after surviving an assassination. “I was highly shocked when a highly placed person in security, who was trying to hatch a plan to have me assassinated, was promoted.” She added.

“Exhibit 1510” ordered Minister Nantaba to stay home when she was going to report her case to the police. She said that Museveni ordered her to stay at her residence until he instructed her otherwise. This shows how “Exhibit 1510” is behind all these assassinations since he even stops the victims from reporting to the police.

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