Kayumba’s political divisionism dates long ago

Sowing divisions in the Rwandan military always was the main objective of Kayumba Nyamwasa, when he still was chief of staff of the army. He pretends that he was wronged when the administration moved him from the post, but the fact remains his main occupation was building small cliques within the officers and men of the army. What did he want? He wanted power. Illegal power that could also come with creating more strife in Rwanda.

Fortunately for Rwandans his plots were found out before too late, and he was moved from army chief post, to somewhere else (where he still had a chance to serve his country). But this fellow always was a traitor, only interested in serving his personal interests. What the leadership found out was that all the time Nyamwasa was plotting, he did so secretly, in cahoots with Museveni. In effect, Nyamwasa was a Trojan horse in Rwanda – someone inside out territory, as a vessel for foreign interests, i.e. Museveni, his brother Saleh and their cabal.

Still, Rwanda was lenient, even when it had the power to charge him for treason, and try him. That is how the Rwandan leadership works – by giving everyone many chances. Nyamwasa was later sent to India as an ambassador. But even there he deliberately refused to follow the rules and regulations of Rwanda he was working for. He was called for a disciplinary meeting in Kigali, which he did not attend.

Kayumba chose to escape; to go to self exile. He went through Uganda, where Museveni’s people were waiting for him. He would later make his way to South Africa, from where their plans of destabilizing Rwanda went full blown. Nyamwasa and his henchmen like Karegeya openly declared war on the legitimate government of Rwanda. Museveni’s wish was to install the fugitive, to head a puppet regime in Rwanda.

How mistaken they were! They underestimated the strength of Rwanda. They did not count on the strong resolve of Rwandans. They will fail, again and again in their nefarious plots.

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