On “witchcraft”, Nyamwasa projects his behavior on others

The fugitive that calls himself “RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook (also known as Kayumba Nyamwasa), is still making a lot of noises out of his comfortable hideout South Africa. Now he has appointed himself the arbiter of the movements of the President of Rwanda, wonders never cease! The fellow’s ragtag forces, so called RNC, have just been annihilated in eastern DRC, but he is yapping about the whereabouts of the head of state of Rwanda.

On top of that he is writing about witchcraft. His allegations of witchcraft against others, one suspects, are a mirror projection of himself. Certainly, he must have been hoodwinking his ragtag forces that he had powerful witchcraft that could protect them against opposing forces. The poor fellows believed their diabolical boss, at terrible cost to themselves.

After his round and complete defeat, expect “Rpf Gakwerere”, aka Kayumba Nyamwasa to make a lot more noises on social media. That’s all he has remaining.

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