London journalist peddles hysterical propaganda to undermine immigration deal

British journalist Brian Latham, writing for a website called Byline Times has waxed hyperbolic, peddling fear and lies about the British-Rwanda immigration deal (to try to find a humane solution to the problem of those that fall into the trap of human traffickers that illegally transport them to the UK). Latham very cynically weaves a tale of doom and gloom on the issue, based mostly on nothing but his fantasies.

Latham’s claim is that sending asylum seekers to Rwanda “puts them in significant danger”, because apparently in his estimation “DRC can crush Rwanda.” This propaganda of course overlooks the fact Rwanda is one of the most secure countries on the African continent. But it’s too inconvenient a fact for Latham’s narrative.

He begins his article by overlooking the significant diplomatic endeavors and regional cooperation towards promoting dialogue and stability in the Great Lakes region. For instance, the Luanda and Nairobi peace frameworks serve as prime examples of these efforts. Latham’s apocalyptic predictions disregard the progress made within this framework, casting a shadow on the potential for peaceful resolutions.

Furthermore, contrary to his insinuation of Rwandan “military ineptitude” (this of course exists only in that Brit’s head, a continent and a sea away) the Rwandan Defense Force has consistently showcased its effectiveness in regional stabilization efforts. Examples abound, from their successful missions in the Central African Republic, and South Sudan to their recent deployment in Mozambique. In the latter state for instance, RDF has routed some of the most violent Islamist terrorists anywhere. How would this military fail to ensure the security of Rwanda? Latham apparently thinks he knows, according to his illusions.

The man has his agenda in overlooking the remarkable successes achieved by Rwanda in providing a safe haven for refugees that already have been resettled in Rwanda. Has this man ever heard of the hundreds of refugees that have been relocated from Libya to Rwanda? Has he heard of an entire school of Afghan girls, asylum seekers from their country, finding safe haven in Rwanda? One suspects he has, but is too cynical to let that get into the way of his narrative.

By extending a helping hand to those in need, Rwanda sets an example for the world, defying Latham’s alarmist visions. His article feeds into the notion of Africa as a continent perpetually on the brink of chaos, playing into old stereotypes and perpetuating a narrative that belies objective realities on the ground.

It’s an article that doesn’t deserve an iota of serious consideration.

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