Tshisekedi in hot soup over deviation of World Bank and IMF money to fund anti-Rwanda campaign

Congolese regime ruler Felix Tshisekedi and his cronies are in hot soup following the World Bank’s latest decision to block US$ 1.04 billion that was meant for the “Social Fund of the Democratic Republic of Congo” (meant to support the post-Covid19 pandemic economic recovery agenda, provide support to victims of rape, and support the stabilization process of the Eastern DRC).

Members of the opposition led by former presidential candidate- Martin Fayulu Madidi, Moise Katumbi Chapwe, Augustin Matata Ponyo, and Delly Sesanga Hipungu penned a protest letter – dated May, 10, 2023 to the international financial institutions namely the World Bank, International Monetary Fund-IMF and the African Development Bank-ADB calling for an urgent thorough audit of the international funds given to Tshisekedi following reports of theft, and misappropriation of funds meant to support ordinary Congolese in poverty eradication and building national infrastructure.

Classified information indicates that Tshisekedi and his closest cronies misappropriated the state funds, to steal them, and for use them on mercenaries in the genocidal campaign against a section of the Congolese population.

Also, millions of dollars were misappropriated to charter posh private jets, pay expensive hotels, and per diem for Tshisekedi and his delegations that have been globetrotting in their slander, propaganda campaigns against Rwanda and its leadership.

Huge amounts of dollars from the WB, IMF and ADB were spent on hiring international and local journalists to push the Kinshasa regime narrative that seeks to label Rwanda as an “aggressor” and blackmail the Rwandan leadership, in Kinshasa’s wish to “influence the International Community to impose sanctions on Rwanda.”

This is evidenced by a number of journalists including Steve Wembi, Stanis Bujakera Tshiamala, Daniel Michombero /Batubenga, Mwangi Maina, Justin Kabumba are amongst the beneficiaries of the external funds meant for improving livelihood of struggling ordinary Congolese people. The group has been at the forefront of peddling Kinshasa propaganda and its lying discourses as they distract public attention from actual causes of DRC’s perennial mess including leadership failures and lack of functional state institutions.

Tshisekedi and his cronies are now sweating plasma as the IMF seeks answers on the use of its funds including the $368,4m of December, 2019; $363,27m of April, 2020; $216.9m disbursed in December, 2021; $203m of June, 2022 as well as $203m of December 2022 tallying to $1,566,87m. same applies to the WB money which was disbursed in phases, $250m of June 2022 (meant for national budget support); $185m of November 2022 meant for education sector support) tallying to $435m.

The opposition politicians’ protest letter also indicate that Tshisekedi and his lieutenants bagged $142m issued by the ADB in 2020 which was supposed to be allocated to national budget support.

For those who have been wondering about the source of funds for Tshisekedi’s foreign trips, payment of international lobbyists and slanders of a media campaign against Rwanda, their questions have been answered.

Tshisekedi diverted financial resources meant to support his impoverished, hungry people (who survive barely on a single mean a day), for his self-serving shenanigans.

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