Failed Congolese veteran politician Muzito campaigns by declaring war on Rwanda

Every time when elections approach in DRC, there is a political tradition for clownish politicians to try to outdo each other on who raises the most outrageous accusations against Rwanda,

The former Congolese Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito who was an invitee on France24 TV Station, again claimed that DRC make war in Rwanda

In 2019, this failed and incompetent politician Muzito repeated the same speech by saying that, “DRC needs to wage a war on Rwanda to revive serenity in the our community. Rwanda impacts Congolese politics, the same as Uganda. We can make peace by threatening Rwanda and occupying parts of its territory and annexing it.”

Instead of talking about his political agenda and a development plan for his failed state DRC, Muzito has invested his energy and resources in blaming Rwanda and misleading the Congolese about the root cause of the perpetual instability and failure governance in their country. The unconscious Muzito always forgets that his country has failed to even eradicate one armed group amongst 266 armed terrorist groups operating in the eastern DRC.

The Kinshasa regime has been sheltering the FDLR (responsible for genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda) for 29 years, they have dislodged many Congolese, indulged in crimes against humanity with impunity in full glare of the Congolese armed forces whose members can’t even disarm a single armed militia. But today, the frail Muzito wants to convince the gullible Congolese how his army can invade Rwanda and capture her territories, what a joke!

The Congolese are killing each other in Lubumbashi, in Ituri, in Maindombe, Kwamouth and other parts of the country but Muzito still claims Rwanda is causing problems in DRC; we all have to understand that his narrative is only meant to canvassing votes for himself in the upcoming elections.

Muzito doesn’t even know that M23 is Congolese Movement made by the Congolese people who are fighting for their rights of marginalized and persecuted fellow Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese. The ruthless politician has nothing to tell his people, he has no clue about what path would deliver peace and stability to DRC, yet that’s where Congolese people’s interests lie.

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