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As Kwibuka approaches, Genocide “survivor” impostor Gatebuke puts himself in the spotlight with his tall tales

In a podcast hosted by New Books Network, Claude Gatebuke (the impostor that falsely claims to be a genocide survivor) was as usual pushing the “Double Genocide” theory – one of the most insidious forms of genocide denialism.

The masquerader Gatebuke couldn’t go beyond his tired narrative that diverts the real cause of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Gatebuke claimed that the genocide was “sparked by the shooting of President Habyarimana Juvenal’s plane.” Of course, this poisonous rhetoric always attempts to conceal the fact that, the genocide against the Tutsi was a result of the culmination of a lengthy extermination plan orchestrated against the Tutsi by genocide regimes.

The fraudster Gatebuke, in his incoherent arguments, he can’t miss an opportunity to sell his testimony full of unsupported illogicality. The one among other several concocted testimonies that made the unsellable book “SURVIVORS UNCESORED”, he co-authored.

The lord of lies- Gatebuke echoed in the podcast banked on the discrepancies of the rejected ‘Mapping Report’, a trash report that never saw the light of the day due to the discrepancies and biases in it. It was so disingenuous of Gatebuke to say that RPF killed six million of Congolese people.

This ploy of Gatebuke intends to create equivalences that justify double genocide theory. And Gatebuke does this as he belittles the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Every time we approach the national mourning period, clowns like Gatebuke finds it a ripe time to intensively push their agenda to deceive the public opinion; however that’s another exercise in futility because facts about the genocide against Tutsi are irreversible.

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