Kinshasa regime has tried hard to lure Rwanda into its mess without success, they are now bound to ‘die in their own movie’

The M23 is complying with the recommendations of regional leaders who called for the cessation of hostilities, followed by political and diplomatic processes. However, the Kinshasa regime is sulking instead of jubilating with the rest of the Congolese who are tired of conflict which has impeded development in the country.

The Kinshasa regime is the root cause of the conflict which has now been going on for one year. Tshisekedi knows that another election is coming and since he stole the previous one, he stands no chance in stealing, let alone winning the next one.

Conflict therefore, is Tshisekedi’s only chance of staying in power, because no elections can be held in the midst of conflict. But to sustain his pretext, he has to make it credible to the International Community. That is how he crafted the ruse of scapegoating Rwanda and sustaining it.

However, despite Tshisekedi’s relentless efforts to invite Rwanda into the conflict through sustained provocations Rwanda has managed to ignore him and let him expose himself to the world. And boy, expose himself he has! Now that M23 is withdrawing under the watchful eye of the EACRF, Tshisekedi can no longer unleash his coalition of FARDC, FDLR, Mai-Mai, Nyatura and European mercenaries to attack them and stop them from withdrawing as planned.

Tshisekedi is now staring at the humiliation of being forced to sit with the M23 movement and negotiate. That is what the streets call :dying in one’s own movie’!

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