EU statement on insecurity in DRC is partial and misinformed

Yesterday, the European Union Commission through Josep Borrell, its High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, issued a statement blaming Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for ignoring proposals of regional peace initiatives.

In the statement Borrell stated that the EU commission was concerned by the deterioration of the situation in the Eastern DRC and pledged EU support in the implementation of Luanda and Nairobi processes to find solutions to the ongoing insecurity problems.

The EU statement as usual is nothing but a call based on fictitious assumptions that “Rwanda has been supporting M23” and that it should urge them to stop their campaign. A reminder that no credible facts have ever been established whatsoever in relation to those claims.

It has been a norm for the Western organizations and its journalists to always implicate Rwanda in DRC problems or to make it look like it is the sole troublemaker. This tradition is practiced mostly to conceal the real problems at hand caused by Congolese authorities themselves or absolve the West from being their accomplices.

Rwandan leaders, however, have been categorical, the country has nothing to do with M23 and that they should focus on actual issues on ground affecting Congolese. Issues that for example relate to why DRC has continued to be a safe haven for the anti-Rwanda genocidal group- FDLR, which not only has been using the country as a launch pad to plan hostilities against Rwanda but are equally responsible for widely spreading the genocide ideology.

While Borrell statement might have tried to look impartial by accusing DRC to work with sanctioned terrorist outfits like FDLR, Mai-Mai, CODECO and APCLS, which is true, nothing will force Rwanda to accept false accusations that it supports M23 or is part of regional destabilizers. He has simply acted on misinformed reports.

If the European Union Commission was to help DRC solve its rampant problems, it would actually listen to the cause of M23 and why they have picked up arms to fight. If it wasn’t for their bravery many innocent Congolese living in Eastern part of the country would have been perished in the ongoing Genocide that targets Tutsis Congolese.

The EU Commission should actually pressure President Tshisekedi to observe and comply with every mechanism that was set to bring peace and leave Rwanda alone. As it has always been stated, Congolese are responsible for their own problems and should take lead in solving them, blaming Rwanda will never bring any solution.

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