Tshisekedi ‘s war drums, a slippery slope to darkest days in DRC

Tshisekedi has plotted, and used every trick to avoid peace in DRC, at all costs, to give himself an open window for an extended term without Congolese going to the ballot. His latest gimmick was yesterday when FARDC, his national army, estimated to be about one section, entered the No Man’s Land between Rwanda and DRC bordering Rusizi District, Rwanda’s Western province, and opened fire. With Rwanda’s vigilant security, the security forces responded and FARDC soldiers withdrew.

Such continued and deliberate provocations are supposed to provoke war. However, Rwanda stands by its commitment to peace. Furthermore Kigali commits to the peace, security, and stability not only of Rwanda, but the region, the continent, and globally. This is done by establishing and maintaining good relations with all countries- and thus restraining from fighting back beyond her borders.

Rwanda firmly believes in regional integration and considers it one of the cornerstones of its foreign policy. But one should not keep pushing her boundaries, attacking and invading her space as that is a continued violation of her borders.

While the Kinshasa regime has proven time and again that peace isn’t their number one interest and priority, the EAC holds out to a string of hope that Tshisekedi will come back to his senses and not push his people into a full-blown war just for his selfish interests and insecurities.

Tshisekedi’s presidential campaign trail has war drums sounding, but how far is he willing to go?

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