Enough with the anti-M23 obsession; International Community must now examine why they fight

The Congo problem should be called by its name, that is the only way sustainable peace for the Congolese people and the region can be achieved.

Playing politics and blaming Rwanda for problems that should otherwise be easily solved by those responsible taking their rightful responsibilities will only perpetuate the problems. You cannot deliberately highlight symptoms of a problem, while hiding the root cause of the problem, and expect to remain credible for long.

If the International Community can jog their memory, they can recall clearly that those who committed the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda were allowed into Congo by the Congolese authorities with deliberate facilitation of powerful members of the same International Community. When these genocidaires arrived in Eastern DRC they were allowed to sow the genocide ideology, upsetting the relative inter-ethnic coexistence that existed in DRC.

Life has never been the same since then. The Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese, particularly the Congolese Tutsi have seen it rough since then. They have experienced endless persecution and dispossession of property by the national army and allied militia groups, who have told them they are foreigners. This prompted them to take up arms to protect them from attacks and constant harassment. It is this persecution that saw the Rwandophone communities seek assistance to bring about the downfall of Mobutu who decided to support the genocidaires who had fled Rwanda in their genocidal endeavors in Zaire. Unfortunately, the subsequent administrations have proven to be worse when it comes to persecution of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese.

Tshisekedi has taken it a notch higher, by hypnotizing the International Community to lay Congolese problems at Rwanda’s doorstep. Unfortunately, the lethargic International Community has followed sleepily, exacerbating the already worsening problem.

As the blame and accusations fly left and right, the world has failed to notice a genocide against the Tutsi being committed in the background, which has set off another exodus of Tutsi Congolese refugees fleeing a frenzy of killings by the FARDC and FDLR (genocidal group under International Community sanctions) and other allied militias. Knowing the modus operandi of the International Community, this too, will be ignored until it’s too late.

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