RNC mouthpiece Himbara suffers meltdown as British Court rules that UK asylum deal with Rwanda “is lawful”

RNC vuvuzela David Himbara aka Murunganwa is suffering a meltdown because a court in the UK has ruled that the asylum deal with Rwanda is lawful. The drug-addled fraud spent so much time trashing the agreement for the cases of immigrants that arrived in the UK illegally to be processed in Rwanda, and thought his propaganda would help torpedo it. Now Murunganwa (ar’imyiza imoso!) as the Banyarwanda say!

Rwanda offered to help with sheltering the struggling migrants, giving them chance to a new dignified and decent life. It also intends to contribute towards addressing the global migration crisis, and breaking channels of criminal human trafficking. Rwanda offered to be part of the solution to a problem that causes so many unnecessary deaths in the desert and on the seas.

Himbara, and fellow anti-Rwanda propagandists all over the world, decided to trash Rwanda instead. They concocted their usual fictions to tarnish the image of Rwanda, claiming “human rights abuse” among others. But real analysts were laughing at them. Why then is it that Rwanda is receiving so many refugees from Libya, who become so grateful upon touching down on Rwandan soil? And why would anything be different with UK-based illegal immigrants?

Away from Murunganwa’s incoherent rants, it’s noteworthy to remind readers that the Rwanda flag carrier-RwandAir inked a codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways in October, 2021. (This is yet another beef – really pathetic! – of Himbara’s). Murunganwa will never say it, but the partnership will offer travelers with a variety of options, best services, and access to over 65 destinations in Africa and the rest of the world.

Rwanda is the winner, and it eats at the academic fraud and failure who got straight “9”s in A-Level, making him change his name from Murunganwa to Himbara.

But he brands himself “Professor of Economics”, how laughable. The fellow – whose main preoccupation is to smear the president of Rwanda – turns out to have bought a fake PhD paper, which probably is why he can have no gainful employment.

What even his remarkable talent for lying can never obscure is that Rwanda keeps going up in global rankings on Human Rights and Rule of Law, as evidenced by various credible Indexes: including Gallup, and the World Justice Project-WJP Rule of Law Index. Rwanda is home to over 127,269 refugees, and 1,000 asylum seekers whose rights are protected, and who enjoy access to good healthcare, education and other services – just like any Rwandan citizen.

You can conclude only one thing: a lot of other countries will be begging Rwanda for solutions.

Will Murunganwa hang himself then?

Watch this space.

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