How many Tutsis Congolese have to die for UN to take concrete action against Kinshasa regime?

Alice Wairimu Nderitu the under-Secretary-General Special Adviser to United Nations Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide was in Kinshasa over the weekend where she raised, for the umpteenth time, concerns about ongoing hate speech, and incitement to genocide by the Tshisekedi regime against Tutsi Congolese. But no one is taking concrete action against the Kinshasa regime. Why?

For the past 6 months Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese ethnic Tutsis have been subjected to all sorts of discriminations, dehumanization, torture, arbitrary arrests, and systematic elimination by elements acting on instructions of the Kinshasa regime. Yet these people should have as much rights as anyone else in their country Congo.

Under a youth militia wing in the name of UPDS (Tshisekedi’s ruling coalition) young men and women have been screening and classifying Congolese Tutsis accusing them of being “enemies of DRC”. They concoct spurious accusations that Congolese Tutsi citizens are “working with Rwanda”, a country Tshisekedi hatefully, and mendaciously claims to be “barbarically aggressing” them.

This is completely unacceptable in the community of nations!

Despite many calls to the DRC regime officials to stop genocide incitement and hate speech from different organizations like Aegis Trust UK, Genocide Watch and the current UN genocide prevention office in Nairobi, however, nothing has been done. One wonders how many deaths and crimes against humanity will have to happen to innocent Congolese Tutsis before something is done.

The UN and its agencies are fully aware of the situation in DRC, yet it has not tabled any resolution regarding sanctioning DRC and its current leaders for the proliferation of hate speech, incitement to genocide, and massacres of Tutsis Congolese.

Influential Congolese hate mongers like Denis Mukwege, Martin Fayulu, Patrick Muyaya (who speaks for the regime), and others have been inciting the Congolese, especially the youth, to join their campaign to exterminate Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi Congolese.

In this all their hate speech and genocide incitement, they work with members of FDLR, a blacklisted genocidal, terror group and a violent genocidal group. The DRC military has been working alongside the FDLR in the genocide campaign. All this cries out for one thing. The world must stop watching and expedite concrete actions against Tshisekedi, and his regime cronies

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