As EAC deploys troops to enforce peace, Tshisekedi turns to Russian mercenaries

DRC president Tshisekedi has his priorities upside down, demonstrating acute, but misguided rejection of regional and international peace initiatives. As the regional and the International Community are working around the clock to implement the Luanda Peace Roadmap and the Nairobi peace process geared towards ensuring sustainable peace and stability in Eastern DRC, Tshisekedi is busy undermining everything.

While pretending to be compliant to the peace mechanisms for the benefit of the International Community, the Kinshasa junta is busy forming alternative illicit alliances aimed at throwing the region in turmoil.

Tshisekedi is aware that the East African Community to which DRC is a member is in the process of deploying thousands of troops in the Eastern DRC to implement two peace mechanisms, but he has nonetheless continued to pursue a belligerent policy, resulting in the displacement of thousands of Congolese people.

While the Nairobi and Luanda peace initiatives have all called for the cessation of hostilities between FARDC and M23, DRC regime ruler Tshisekedi has defied this recommendation by ordering his troops fighting alongside FDLR (blacklisted genocidal, terror group) and other armed groups to continue escalating the hostilities.

Tshisekedi has even hired war planes to bomb areas captured by M23 after FARDC’s violations which has killed thousands of Congolese. The recent information is that Tshisekedi has reached out to notorious Russian mercenary group, Wagner, to help his regime fight the M23 movement.

This leaves no doubt that Tshisekedi is not open to dialogue, at all. Rather, this is a man whose activities can only further destabilize the region.

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