FDLR rejoin FARDC in preparation of genocidal onslaughts in Congo

FDLR, the genocidaires outfit based in Congo, are rejoining their long-time partners, FARDC as the latter finalizes alleged plans to attack M23 positions in a bid to retake the border area of Bunagana that they lost three months ago. This is just more proof that Tshisekedi and his regime not only are in bed with terrorists, they in fact are completely in with plans of genocide. When they claim they are “attacking M23”, what they mean is that they are targeting innocent Kinyarwanda-speaking, Tutsi Congolese citizens.

Reports arriving at our news desk are that FARDC has promised huge bounties to FDLR (the very criminals founded by remnants of Ex-FAR and Interahamwe that perpetrated the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi) once “Bunagana is retaken”. FDLR are said to be already arriving at the different FARDC military garrisons for “mission briefing.” FARDC has also called other armed terrorist groups like Mai Mai CMC Nyatura, FPP Kabido, and RUD Urunana with whom they are in regular partnership.

This new development comes as the East African Community has started deploying special forces to oversee a peace process whose aim is to silence guns in eastern Congo. It only proves that Tshisekedi is the biggest stumbling block to peace in the entire Great Lakes region.

At the behest of the AU, ICGLR, and other international players, the East African Community has undertaken the initiative to implement the Luanda and Nairobi peace process agreements, which are seen as the path to lasting peace in DRC. But Tshisekedi is busy mobilizing terrorists to perpetrate crimes against humanity against sections of DRC populations.

The Congolese are not interested in peace in their country.

Their latest machinations offer just more proof of this.

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