PART II : Rwanda’s economic growth is a nightmare to RNC stooge Himbara, denying it is a joke

The would-be Professor of Economics turned terror outfit mouthpiece-Murunganwa burns midnight oil doctoring statistics with intentions to portray Rwanda as a failed economy on the verge of collapse. But even as the psychopath predicts doom on Rwanda, this also is another inauspicious campaign that just died down since what the country has achieved speaks for itself.

The RNC’s weed addict clown Himbara argues that Rwanda lacks enabling environment for business; However, reading from the same report, it’s visibly highlighted that the World Bank placed Rwanda amongst countries with conducive environment for doing business. The WB lauds the country’s solid business environment, her ability to attract foreign investments, high-tech enabled services, robust infrastructure as well as efficient air-transport services.

The previous World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index ranked Rwanda second in Africa and 38th globally. Indisputable facts constantly challenge Himbara’s concocted tales about Rwandan economy.

On the foreign investments, known for her stability and assurance on public safety, Rwanda has attracted foreign investors in various sectors including industry, services, ICT, real estate development, education and tourism and environment conservation. Verifiable records show the country registered over US$3.7 billion in 2021, up from US$1.3 billion in the previous year-2020 which represented a 185% increase.

Rwanda offers an array of investment incentives for investors willing to invest in the country, this adds to the fast, easy, digitalized business registration process and the enabling environment to attract more foreign investments. The bedridden drug-sniffer Murunganwa won’t discuss such with his small audience.

Himbara’s alleged “ineffective” of Rwanda’s judiciary derives from the fact that the country has built strong, professional, competent and independent judicial systems. That has paid off with the slashing the workload of pending court cases.
Besides the same able courts have tried terrorists from Himbara’s RNC outfit (the P5 trial), and terrorist Rusesabagina whom Himbara thought would never account for his terrorism crimes.

By way of good governance, Rwanda’s record speaks for itself, the country’s leadership is anchored on principles of accountability, transparency, inclusivity- public participation and service delivery. The annual Rwanda Governance Board’s Governance Scorecard statistics show that Rwandans have trust in their elected leadership. Safety and Security is rated at 95.4%, Rule of Law with 87.08%, Anti-corruption, Transparency and Accountability came third with 86.77% whilst Participation and inclusiveness stands at 84.19%. These are all indicators of good governance that the delusional liar Murunganwa can’t not challenge.

Irreparable defeat suffered by the failed “Professor” Himbara and his fellow terrorists at RNC will make them invent anything about Rwanda, however that doesn’t mean their lies will be taken at face value, even a layman will challenge them.

One important thing that Murunganwa needs to be reminded about is, Rwanda progresses regardless of his blackmail campaign, the more he yells, the faster the country grows.

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