Genocide deniers in hopeless campaign to sabotage Felicien Kabuga’s trial

In a drive to divert attention from the historical trial of Felicien Kabuga, the famous financier and mastermind of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, some of his supporters are into early plans of sabotaging his trial which has kicked off today in The Hague, Netherlands.

Information reaching our desk has it that a number of genocide disciples, ideologues are planning massive protests in different cities across Europe to push a misleading agenda in support of the Felicien Kabuga while others, as usual, are flooding media and social media platforms with deceptive information on the trial of the notorious genocidaire.

Reading stories in some media outlets lying that a number of witnesses (from Kabuga’s home village) have been barred to testify in favor of the most known sponsor of the Genocide against Tutsis, one cannot help but to imagine how much of corruption is involved in the sabotage of his trial.

No sane mind, let alone anyone that lived in Rwanda, can dream of testifying in favor of a bloody dripping genocidaire like Felicien Kabuga. Those that some media organizations purport to have been denied rights to be witnesses in the trial are both misinformed and corrupt.

As a known schemer and corruption master, Kabuga bribed state officials in various countries where he hid for more than 20 years running away from justice of genocide crimes he committed in Rwanda. Prior to his arrest in France in 2020, he lived in hiding in Kenya, Switzerland and some other countries where he bribed politicians and local authorities to cover his real identity.

Many of those that are behind such campaign are remnants and descendants of genocidaires, living in Europe as refugees and have been regular beneficiaries of different wealth schemes by Kabuga himself on top of normal food stamps they receive from hosting nations.

No amount of sabotage will stop Kabuga to account for pitiable atrocious crimes he committed against innocent Tutsis in 1994.

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