FDLR threatens regional security, Jason Stearns’ whitewashing gimmicks won’t change a thing

The self-styled expert on DRC matters, Jason Stearns wrote a French article titled: ‘Faut-il parler des FDLR à chaque fois qu’on évoque le M23 ?” another article similar to the salvoes of DRC regime’s propaganda targeting Rwanda.
The uproar always undermines the continuous threat of the FDLR- a blacklisted genocidal and terrorist group responsible for perpetrating the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

The writer wishes to persuade readers into believing that FDLR is on the wane. Being a hired mercenary, Stearns argues that the terrorist group reduced from 2000 fighters to a thousand, and the group is only capable of “rare raid”. However, his argument is only deluding since the declining in numbers of combatants doesn’t take away the ideological agenda of FDLR. The actual facts show that FDLR has been an indefatigable terrorist group for decades. It runs clandestine recruitment and training operations in the Eastern DRC in its quest to subvert Rwanda.

The terrorism has taught us that, it is the ideology that is more dangerous. Stearns, a well-known sympathizer of the genocidaires, he downgrades the FDLR threat, while intentionally omitting that it’s been the mastermind of the evil campaign to destabilize Rwanda. That include the recent shelling on Rwandan territory that left scores dead and others injured whilst properties were ransacked.

The cabals of genocideaires and parmehutu ideologues all over the world crammed up in several financial networks that keep funding terrorism which intends at disrupting Rwanda’s hard-earned peace, however a partial journalist Stearns won’t discuss this.

In her longtime failure to fix the internal rampant crisis, DRC is free to continue her cunning propaganda to scapegoat Rwanda as its leaders intently dodge their responsibilities.

On the other hand, in time of mounting genocide and PARMEHUTU ideologies amongst the anti-Rwanda elements abroad, Rwandans should not be deceived about anything by the likes of hired mercenaries as Stearns. FDLR and its funding networks are threats to Rwanda and the region at large, thus they should never be underestimated.

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