Note to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken ahead of his visit to DRC

Dear Sir,

It would be futile to meet DRC regime leaders in the quest of addressing its political crises without treating some of major symptoms at hand, and with a holistic approach. Key symptoms include DRC harboring FDLR as a blacklisted genocidal and terror group, marginalization of certain sections of the Congolese population, and the genocidal violence that the Tshisekedi regime is fanning, among other issues.

DRC being a failed state, it is bad enough for its neighbors, but for it to harbor, aid and support terrorist organizations like the genocidal FDLR is a big problem not only for neighbors like Rwanda, but for the entire region.

The US itself designated FDLR and some of its splinter groups as terror groups, the least it would do is to fully collaborate in its complete eradication, which has stalled because Congolese regime and its military (FARDC) have co-opted this terrorist organization and fully work with it in destabilizing neighbors, as well as perpetrating genocide within Congo.

In 2012, the time US government expressed concerns on issues relating to terrorism and insecurity in Eastern DRC, specifically in the disarmament and reintegration of M23. A number of things were done, but much was ignored as well. Unfortunately, what was ignored is haunting DR Congo today. The terrorism that the Congolese regime is allied with is the biggest issue.

It’s imperative for Blinken to understand well the genesis of the problem, for there to be any chance of a lasting resolution to it.

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