Tshisekedi just needs to divorce himself from FDLR if regional peace mechanisms are to accomplish their mission – but does he care?

The meetings of the Joint Permanent Commission on Rwanda and DRC and the East African Community (EAC) Heads of State that convened last Thursday, and Friday respectively re-emphasized the need to eradicate FDLR terrorist group and its splinter groups.

The gatherings also deliberated on the deployment of EAC contingents in a mission to help the Congolese army (FARDC) rout FDLR and other armed militia groups wreaking havoc in the Eastern Congo.

To everyone’s surprise, Kinshasa was quick to twist the meetings’ resolutions by claiming that the “emphasis will only be put on the M23” as per revelations that Christophe Lutundula, the foreign affairs minister made to the press.

Lutundula’s comments have yet unmasked Kinshasa’s reluctance towards parting ways with blacklisted FDLR genocidal and the terrorist group as the latter is increasingly given a semblance of legitimacy notwithstanding the history and the gravity of its genocide crimes and other war crimes committed both in Rwanda and in DR Congo.

President Tshisekedi and the Commander in Chief-CiC of FARDC has allied with FDLR in an attempt to harm Rwanda’s security, and the alliance was recently unmasked by the United Nations Group of Experts through a report published mid-last month.

The report brought it out clearly that Kinshasa guaranteed the FDLR full control of Virunga National Park bordering Rwanda and that the genocidal and terrorist group is currently using the park to re-organize itself by mainly doing mass recruitment across the eastern part of the country.

It is commendable that the Joint Permanent Commission on Rwanda and DRC as well as the EAC heads of state are working around the clock to ensure full restoration of peace and security in eastern Congo; however, their efforts will be always futile as long as President Tshisekedi is still in bed with FDLR.

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