Behaving like a spoilt child: Kinshasa moves to play the sympathy card while making Rwanda a scapegoat for its failures

President Kagame has recently brought it out publicly that the Congolese authorities were behaving like spoiled children amidst the resurgence of their aggression and provocation against Rwanda. The president’s assertion is getting clearer as the days pass.

This time around, Kinshasa has, in a new malevolent twist, resorted to sponsoring some influential individuals in the media landscape in a coordinated misinformation stunt meant to taint the image of Rwanda. They aim to falsely tarnish Rwanda as “the root cause of insecurity in the Eastern Congo.”

What a mess by Congolese! They’ve had their socio-political wrangles that have engulfed Congo for decades now. Since before the government in Kigali came into power.

Now, Alain Foka, a Cameroonian journalist and YouTube Vlogger, is one of such “media personalities” hired by Congolese regime to smear Rwanda.

Foka has published a fake documentary in which he boorishly echoes verbatim, some of the alibis that the Tshisekedi regime is desperately advancing (scapegoating Rwanda for Congolese regime failures).

For instance, Foka repeated Tshisekedi’s recent incendiary statement that “Rwanda seeks to occupy Congolese land rich in gold, coltan, and cobalt for their exploitation and profits.” This is nothing but the usual cheap populism by failing Congolese presidents, who always hoodwink their poor population that “Rwanda is the enemy.”

The very same journalists also rubbed salt in the bleeding wounds of Rwanda by blatantly saying that (the blacklisted) FDLR genocidal terrorist group “does not represent a real threat to Rwanda.” Foka was echoing a strange narrative that Kinshasa concocted recently that “FDLR is nowhere to be seen” on Congolese soil since “it was routed back in 2009”.

However, FDLR, which currently works hand in hand with the Congolese army (FARDC) in May this year abducted two Rwandan soldiers who were patrolling along the borderline, and shelled multiple rockets into Rwanda, resulting in injuries and destruction of property.

Kinshasa should abide by recommendations recently made on the pacification process in the Eastern Congo in gatherings that include the recent EAC Heads of State conclave, and the Luanda Summit road map. Propaganda in the media, as a new tool that Kinshasa is advancing, won’t bring about any positive solution.

Rwanda has chosen to maintain and stick to her values by urging the Congolese Government to endeavor to address its failures, as well as the rampant internal conflicts, and avoid falsely casting blame against Rwanda since no one in Rwanda has anything to do with DR Congo instabilities.

Propagandist Foka will soon be fully exposed.

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