Criminal IVU and her terrorist organization incite revolt on 60th Independence anniversary.

FDU-Inkingi of Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU), which also is an FDLR terrorist affiliate, like to brand themselves as “Rwanda Opposition political parties.” The de facto leader of these terror organizations, IVU, has been caught up in yet another act of criminality, inciting Rwandans to revolt against their elected leadership.

The duo yesterday, July 1st, issued separate statements praising the “Independence” that Rwanda got from Belgium colonizers in the last 60 years.

That’s while what happened at that time was not full independence as a section of Rwandans was subsequently chased out of the country while some who stayed were subjected to all sorts of persecution, oppression and extrajudicial killings that were culminated into the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, 32 years later.

The terrorist organization’s communiqué that was signed by “vice-president”, a one Dr Emmanuel Mwiseneza urges Rwandans “as a whole to rise against the RPF” led government.

Driven by its genocidal agenda, FDU-Inkingi disparaged the above facts to blatantly claim that the independence was attained and “sabotaged” by RPF/A-Inkotanyi. The criminal cabal of genocidaires omitted the fact that the brave men and women of RPA liberated the country and brought about the meaningful independence.

Convicted genocide denier IVU was quick to echo FDU-Inkingi’s incendiary statement through a videotaped message she shared across social media platforms; something that quashed doubts about Ingabire’s hand in the terrorist origination’s crimes.

Well, that’s while the rogue woman in 2019 claimed to have parted ways with FDU-Inkingi in an attempt to dodge accountability after the so-called P5 group – a consortium of illegal armed or terrorist outfits of which FDU is a member was unmasked by the UN Group of Expert report as one of the contributors of insecurity in the Eastern Congo.

Ingabire is increasingly committing crimes that ought to go unnoticed as far as accountability is concerned, and she ignores that she is yet to enjoy full freedom as per provisions of article 250 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Law No. 30/2013 of 24/5/2013).

She should get what she is looking for, and that’s revoking her presidential clemency she was accorded in 2018 after writing to the President many times begging for the clemency and committing to change.

Stripping IVU of the presidential clemency is of urgent need as she became even more devoted to her terrorism plans after getting the clemency. IVU will never change.

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