Congo wants to shape international opinion in their confused mindset

Patrick Muyaya, the Congo Government Spokesperson, just like Congo’s personal representative of the Congolese Head of State to La Francophonie, Isabelle Tshombe, has attacked the UN Security, insinuating that the body is incompetent and biased in its undertaking.

Expressing his unpleasant sentiments after the Security Council sitting yesterday, the Congolese government publicist said that all stands presented by security council members had no validity because they did not accuse Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels.

According to him, ‘accusing the Rwandan army will mark, as in the past, the beginning of the end of this aggression.’ On her part, Isabelle Tshombe accused the international community of what she called “variable geometry solidarity”, adding that everyone was looking at their interests, neglecting the interests of Congo.

Congolese authorities have made their stand clear: “You are either with us or against us” and by this, they have been declaring an enemy whoever fails to join them in accusing Rwanda and instead sees the Congo conflict as an internal matter.

In the logic of the Congolese government, once the whole world agrees with them and points an accusing finger at Rwanda for Congo’s internal conflict, somehow the conflict will magically vanish. By nursing this wishful thinking, the Congolese government has led to an escalation instead of having the opposite effect.

The Congolese government is clearly not happy that the Security Council took a lot of time in condemning ongoing acts of genocide, xenophobia, and hate speech against Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese which is largely instigated by high-ranking Congolese government officials.

The Congolese government is working hard to divert the attention of the international community from the awareness that the root cause of the conflict is their failure to address internal problems which have the potential to destabilize regional security. The Congolese government continues to work with the FDLR and other armed groups like CODECO and Maimai instead of forcing them to disarm and repatriate them as many agreements they signed have provided.

What Congo is doing is administering the wrong remedy to the wrong sickness which implies that the problem will spread progressively and escalate to regional level.

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