Terrorist Rusesabagina’s daughters continue the shoddy mission to sanctify him

Terrorist Rusesabagina’s adopted children Carine Kanimba and Anais Kanimba wrote a letter to the Prince of Wales-His Royal Highness Charles who is expected in Rwanda for the CHOGM occasion. In the letter, the two confused young women demanded the release of their father, and attempted to demonize the Rwandan leadership and sanctify criminal Paul Rusesabagina.

Stubbornly clinging to the shadows of the Hollywood narratives and opportunism of their father Rusesabagina; the Kanimbas stated ad nauseam terrorist Rusesabagina’s fake heroism campaign that the criminal saved a hundreds of Tutsi during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. This time around, they even argued that Rusesabagina’s decision to adopt them at their early age was also an act of heroism.

The Kanimbas continued the letter escalating the health conditions of their father, which ultimately exposed their selfishness. Of course, to them, Rusesabagina’s health is more precious than ones of scores of innocent Rwandans whom he killed in his terrorist attacks. The two opportunists could not miss the chance to sugarcoat their baseless allegations related to human rights just to demonize Rwanda, but it did not hold since there was no feedback to their childish allegations.

However, every opportunity the Kanimbas get to speak to the foreign media, they endeavor to conceal their father’s terrorism acts being the reason why he’s in jail today. Intentionally, they didn’t tell the Prince of Wales that Rusesabagina created, funded and led a terror group which killed nine innocent unarmed civilians and injured scores as well as looting and destroying their properties.

In fact, there is a latest development that should be brought to Prince Charles’ attention; as Rwanda prepared for hosting CHOGM, the remnants of Rusesabagina’s ragtag terrorist militia- FLN staged another terrorist attack in Nyungwe along Nyamagabe-Rusizi road where they hijacked a passengers’ bus and killed two innocent people.

The two daughters of criminal Rusesabagina should understand that their shoddy campaign to sanctify their terrorist father won’t change the ruling of court. In addition, it is advisable they use the proximity and influence to their father to urge him to repent instead of lionizing him.

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