MONUSCO distances itself from wild Congolese allegations that Rwanda “supports M23”

Statements by the head of MONUSCO, Lt. Col. Harvey Frédéric exposed the UN force’s moral dilemma in Congo, where they are torn between siding with the diversionary narrative advanced by Congo authorities and siding with the truth.

During an interview with UN-sponsored radio OKAPI, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Frédéric, MONUSCO liaison chief with the FARDC, indicated that the UN mission “cannot for the moment confirm or deny this accusation.” “MONUSCO was unable to verify these allegations on its own. I cannot answer this question factually; I have no answer. And for Rwanda and Uganda, we have no factual confirmation,” he said. This leaves no doubt that all along the FARDC has based their accusations and drama, insults, and hate speech on mere speculation. They then thought they could use that as an excuse to fire shells on Rwanda territory.

Some important people in Western countries regurgitated the wild allegations by FARDC (and their FDLR Allie’s). Why are people swallowing whole FARDC falsehoods without making any effort to verify, even when they know how dramatic Congo can get? This dangerous tendency by the international community ought to stop!

It is beyond comprehension why they keep repeating the graceless, undiplomatic and undignified rantings of the Congolese.

Issuing statements mirroring Congo’s accusations against Rwanda (but only mentioning the dangerous proliferation of hate speech in Eastern Congo as an afterthought) only adds fuel to the fire.

It shows they care very little that behind the drama staged by Congo, there are provocations, xenophobia, and calls to genocide against Tutsis in Congo.

While all attention is being concentrated on falsehoods that Rwanda has invaded Congo, Congolese authorities are rounding up the few Tutsis in the Congolese army and police and bundling them, like animals, onto vehicles, to be tortured and killed. The population in North and South Kivu as well as Kinshasa and indeed elsewhere in Congo has grown wild on incitement by their leaders into a dangerous anti-Tutsi frenzy.

It is a full scale pogrom.

Clearly, the “Never Again pledge” is once again proving to be mere words, with no one doing a thing to avert genocide!

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