RNC propagandist Himbara resurrects from his months-long rehab

After several months without posting his daily cynical propaganda mudslinging Rwanda and its officials, the RNC mouthpiece David Himbara has come back more confused with the Rwanda and UK migration deal than he was before being confined to a rehab, just because of his intense drug and alcohol consumption.

RNC lapdog Himbara has come back with a misinterpretation that Rwanda has become a migrants dumping place for the United Kingdom after the signing of a migration partnership deal with the latter agreeing to take in the asylum seekers. Himbara omits to mention that Rwanda didn’t not apply for that deal, it only offered to extend compassion and humanity to the suffering migrants languishing in dilapidated detention centers across Europe.

It is impossible for the RNC drug addict Himbara with his alcoholic behaviour, to understand that Rwanda wasn’t only bringing a solution to a global migration crisis, but the country was also getting concerned with the migrants’ deteriorating situations thus extending compassion to them while nobody else was willing to.

The clown Himbara’s chronic cocaine sniffing and heavy drinking would never allow him to be in his right state of mind to understand what the historical migration deal means.

Himbara’s madness will always direct him to crooked opinions hence making up irrelevant ideas to twist facts, just so he can tarnish the image of Rwanda and slander President Kagame.

The weed-smocking Himbara Muruganwa might think he is a genius but he is not, he has always been unproductive, violent and indiscipline, according to his former colleagues. The halfwit is just a masquerading expert.

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