Monusco abandoned its core mandate in DRC and plunged into arms-trade with terror groups

UN through its MONUSCO in DRC is not only complicit in its induced silence on the alliance of FDLR and FARDC to accuse and attack Rwanda, but their clandestine operations in exchange of arms for minerals are also evident in many ways.

Shortly after the 2009 operation “Umoja Wetu” that aimed at uprooting FDLR, the rebel group was annihilated, and many of its senior officials died at the battlegrounds leaving their soldiers toothless and disorganized.

The recent resumption of FDLR, however, as it has been seen through social media followed by some funny official communique making it sound as if it is a legitimate entity operating in DRC, is not only worrisome, it attests to very many reports Rwanda has been putting out that the remnants of genocidaires are not only present in DRC, but they enjoy regular military, logistic and financial support.

Obviously, the armed group comprised of genocide perpetrators received all kinds of support to raise again in arms against Rwanda. There is no doubt the Congo government and Monusco are the culprits that helped their revival against all conventions and diplomatic agreements.

Despite its core mandate, the UN through its Monusco in DRC cannot claim its observer status, it integrated fully into several armed groups by trading them with arms and other war materials in exchange for minerals.

Rwanda’s request remains as it was before, over 20,000 MONUSCO troops in DRC should fulfill their two-decades-long mandate. And FDLR should be treated as the genocidaires they are and not be handed impunity to attack our country.

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