In pathetic pursuit of relevance, Rwandan terrorist platform “P4” shoots itself in foot with attempts to sabotage CHOGM

A Rwandan terrorist platform made up of RNC, FDU-Inkingi, Amahoro PC, and PS Imberakuri – the so-called P4 – has moved to blame its incessant infightings on the Government of Rwanda in an attempt to taint the country’s image ahead of the forthcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

The anti-Rwanda terrorist platform that is co-chaired by terror masterminds like Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza, Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, and Bernard Ntaganda issued what they dubbed “Rwanda Information Bulletin CHOGM 2022” in which they desperately accuse Rwanda of “intimidation, assassinations and disappearances”, the seven-page document is meant for naïve and gullible audience, but how?

For instance, while trying to substantiate their baseless allegations, the unrepentant criminals regurgitated the cases involving the well-known people whom they either killed or subjected to enforced disappearances as the result of rampant infighting and power struggles engulfing the anti-Rwanda terrorist groups.

Those people include the likes of Révocat Karemangingo, Louis Baziga whom terrorist Kayumba killed himself, and others. Furthermore RNC terrorist Benjamin Rutabana went missing and is feared dead after falling out with his boss criminal Kayumba in the last three years. It’s also important to note that hundreds of Rwandan youths’ lives were ruined by the very same people and his allies in the so-called “opposition” circles.

The anti-Rwanda terrorist forum went on to disgorge unfounded allegations against Rwanda that were discredited long ago including the use of Pegasus spyware in their futile attempt to demonize Rwanda and sabotage CHOGM.

Despite these criminals’ crocodile tears, Rwanda’s track record in respect of human rights, and international laws, speaks for itself. They will confuse no one.

They have to know, CHOGM won’t be stopped by their pathetic stories.

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