Anti-Rwanda networks continue their incessant whinging about Rwanda

A failed bunch left with no narrative except to weaponize false allegations on human rights continues to flood social media with flawed reports and concocted stories of fellow criminals.

A recent hoax that Ingabire Victoire and her FDU network jumped at, and magnified in their smear campaign against the Rwandan leadership, is that of Uwimana Nkusi Agnes, who shot the breeze on YouTube with a fake story that she was tortured by prison guards.

Such window-dressing by the anti-Rwanda networks extended to Chaste Gahunde, Nadine Kasinge, and ex-communicated priest Thomas Nahimana from the so-called Ishema party. These are all known for their ideology of ethnic hate and revisionism. They also peddle concocted stories of the likes of Aimable Karasira and Idamange using social media, where they disregard their crimes of genocide denial and divisionism, and incitement and portray them as victims of freedom of expression.

The delusional negationists with ignoble records push these false allegations not only to attempt to trivialize the RPF Inkotanyi’s outstanding achievements but also to incite hateful rhetoric that they believe would deceive Rwandans.


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